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Quiboloy Wanted to Help Duterte in the Cabinet Appointees’ Selection but not Consulted

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte just went on and announced his cabinet appointees without consulting avid supporter Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. The question is, does he have to?

There are transition committees as well as a selection process made by president Duterte – that is why everything went ahead without such consultations explained Duterte’s aide.

Abe, Pastor Quiboloy’s spokesperson reminded Duterte that the people expected too much on his true change promise – and it will be good if guidance can be given in choosing the right people that would make that happen. Is Quiboloy expecting to get the priviledge of being a presidential consultant in return to his extravagant donations to the Duterte campaign? Well, it seems that the latter could not be bothered.

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