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Racism: Donald Trump’s supporters bullied Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters on Twitter

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Supporters are not often influenced by their presidential bet but somehow, there’s a common trait among those in the same faction that is ignited by the reactions or comments of their bet. Leslie Jones of Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters got a taste of it when she was bullied on Twitter by Donald Trump’s supporters who showed their being racists. Hear this out from CNN:

CNN wrote: “I would say you’re looking at obese white men between 50 and 60 who are active Klan members, or members of the Aryan Nation, and there are millions of them,” the actor told ET Canada. “I’m afraid to say that contingency will be voting for the Republican ticket, pretty much that’s what the statistics are indicating, that there’s a lot of white racist hatred out there that’s going to channel into a support for the Republican ticket, maybe in the false belief that these people share their views.” Jones is one of the stars of the all-female cast reboot of “Ghostbusters.” Late Monday, she wrote she was saying goodbye to Twitter after being bullied by racist tweets. As a result, Twitter removed conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos who helped kick off some of the hate directed at the actress.
Aykroyd both wrote and starred in the original “Ghostbusters.” Like Jones, he rose to fame as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live.” Aykryod hailed the actress for her talent. “Well first of all she’s a great writer, great comedian and comes from a real urban background where she had a lot of hardship, and she’s channeling that into a great achievement and a great career,” Aykroyd said.

It added: He had harsher words for those who trolled Jones. “These people, they’re insignificant gnats, they’re losers, they have no lives of their own. They can probably barely pay for the wifi they’re using,” Aykroyd said. The actor was clear in saying that he’s not totally blaming either Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, or his running mate Mike Pence, for what happened to Jones. “I don’t think that Trump and Pence are as racist as the people who attacked Leslie Jones, I really don’t,” Aykroyd said. “Trump may be saying some things to go that way to get some votes but — well I don’t know.” Director Judd Apatow said during an interview in June that he also believed there was a common demographic between those who took issue with the new “Ghostbusters” and Trump supporters.


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