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Radiation Safety Certificate from DOH

By: Elena Grace Flores
In the era of Smart Manufacturing, the impact of previous cancer-scare myths is still haunting the existence of cell sites. Providers of communication technology services are finding it hard to find strategic locations for their mobile phone towers because of this wrong propaganda. As a result, phone signals are not that good which is also a bad thing for subscribers. To pacify people opposing the installation of phone towers, the Department of Health issues a Radiation Safety Certificate as a guarantee that they are indeed safe. read this example from Globe:

Globe cell sites radiation-safety certified by DOH

By: SunStar

“The radiation safety certificates for every cell site that we have in the country are a proof that concerns over potential health hazard coming from base stations are without basis,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe head of Network Technologies Strategy.

Providers that are abreast with technology as it is advancing already addressed the negative speculations by using control systems that can detect problems before they happen. Being  updated with advanced methods will not only make their products and services safe but will also make them cost-efficient. So better not to believe any gossips before checking the facts. You might be blocking such progress which is also for your own benefit.

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