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Rainbow Gravity does not Support Beginning of Time

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

rainbow region
rainbow region (Photo credit: mardi grass 2011)

The rainbow often signifies the end of sufferings to many according to biblical interpretations – but how can the universe end when it has actually no beginning? This is already very intriguing in itself and many people can’t help but wonder why it is so important for us to know the beginning of time? We may be able to get answers in the end – but we will not be here anymore to attest to that. Just read this article for entertainment purposes:

In a “Rainbow” Universe Time May Have No Beginning

By: Clara Moskowitz

What if the universe had no beginning, and time stretched back infinitely without a big bang to start things off? That’s one possible consequence of an idea called “rainbowgravity,” so-named because it posits that gravity’s effects on spacetime are felt differently by different wavelengths of light, aka different colors in the rainbow.

If the big bang never happened, then this will change all theories that everything exists because of that one period when all elements in space came together and formed an alignment that signifies the beginning. What is it for us if the existence of time is actually way beyond nothingness? Let’s move forward and live today because tomorrow has yet to come!

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