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Ramon Ang Gives Duterte Right of Way Credit


By: Elena Grace Flores

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang hails President Rodrigo Duterte on his infrastructure projects

Ang Gives Credit to Where it’s Due

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang gives credit to President Rodrigo Duterte on his right of way projects. As part of the Build Build Build blueprint of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, this outlay would decongest EDSA by February estimated Ang. It is because of Duterte’s strong governance, added Ang. Now, see the politicians at work who are public servants. This may enlighten the voting public.

DPWH Secretary Mark Villar

The current DPWH secretary is Mark Villar. He assumes office on August 1, 2016. The Secretary of Public Works and Highways is very industrious. He is a good hand of the President for these projects. His family is into construction. So, detractors can look into a possible conflict of interest. But, there’s actually no proof of corruption in this area so far. Senator Imee Marcos merely suggests diverting some funds to pandemic remedies from idle projects. So, the works continue without hiccups. Keeping some much-needed jobs.

DOT Secretary Arthur Tugade

Secretary Arthur Tugade is a Filipino businessman. He is also a lawyer from Cagayan. Now the current Secretary of the Department of Transportation. The right of way project in EDSA shows the brilliance of Tugade, said, Ang. The materials can prevent accidents. Plans are well-thought of. Duterte does not follow only the blueprint of Marcos. But also in selecting reliable experts in the field. This is something that the public cannot hear in the mainstream media. So, people must balance sources of information.

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