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Rap it Out Loud: Bongbong Marcos for President 2022

President 2022

By: Elena Grace Flores
by AGA Official Channel

Bongbong Marcos for President 2022 Rap Jingle
A rap jingle of Bongbong Marcos for President 2022 resurfaces online with the following details through social media:
Recorded at : Record Gauge
Mix & mastered by : Lazykz
Beat Produced by : Neil Patrick Belisario
Original Composition by : Neil Balderama (AGA) & Mc JULYO
So, this is now very obvious that Marcos really vies for the presidency.

The Rightful Leader

Bongbong Marcos for President 2022 is the hope for many Filipinos. He is the rightful leader whose chance to lead was taken from him during the last elections. President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to resign if he won the Vice Presidency did not materialize because of the oppositions’ massive cheating activities in 2016.

Bring Back the Country’s Honor

Many are hopeful that the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos would bring back the glory and honor of the country during his father’s time. That his brilliant plans for a progressive nation would finally come true. Therefore, people must check the facts before believing such black propaganda again. Bongbong Marcos for President 2022 indeed.

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