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The Real Score in the Tacloban Relief Efforts


By: Elena Grace Flores
If Anderson Cooper, a reliable CNN journalist can feel the sufferings of the Filipinos affected by the typhoon Yolanda fury in Tacloban – why can’t the President of the Philippines and some of his cabinet members and cronies? Why is he more concerned with¬† how other media practitioners broadcast their stories instead of concentrating on how to clear the streets and dead bodies to make the relief efforts more manageable? Is this the performance of a very popular President? Watch this:

CNN Anderson Cooper urges Korina Sanchez to visit Tacloban

Posted at Youtube By:Viral Tevee

Anderson Cooper is very respectful with the President’s media plea – but most people knew that this should not be the priority. This is another blow for the President showing how incompetent he is in protecting his people. Why can’t he ask for help if he is short of strategies? If the Philippines do not have enough resources, can’t we ask instead of just talking and waiting for aids? Yes, we will survive not just the aftermath of the disaster – but also the unfair government!

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