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Remedies for 8 Weird Physical Manifestations


By: Gemma Lagasca


body quirksAre you sometimes bothered by strange body quirks? Don’t ignore them. Your body is telling you that there’s something unhealthy about your lifestyle. Correct them at once to be comfortable and to avoid more serious conditions from developing.

  1. The uncontrollable hiccups.  Hiccups arise due to the contraction of the diaphragm. The common causes of hiccups are binge-eating, eating without proper chewing and accidental swallowing of air. This kind of strange condition will just disappear on its own. However, you can do little tricky things to draw away the hiccups – drink a glass of water, get a small plastic or paper bag and hold it nearer to your mouth and nose and then breathe for several counts. Try also to hold your breath as long as you can for few times.
  2. The “brain freeze”. Frozen foods like ice cream tend to be the culprit to experience an episode of brain freeze. “Brain freeze” or ice cream headaches takes place when you eat something cold that touches the sensitive nerve somewhere in your mouth. The nerves will trigger the blood vessels in the front area of your head to swell.  The quick swelling is the reason for the mythical term “brain freeze”. The solution for this odd body reaction is just to eat the frozen food slowly.

  3. Vertigo in action. Sometimes you feel like your house is moving for a short span of time or sometimes persists for over an hour.  You can’t distinguish if that is dizziness or vertigo. Vertigo takes place when there is nerve damage in the inner ear.  There is a feeling of ear discomfort and you will soon observe involuntary motions and eye movements.
  4. Mood killer Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. The sweating mostly appears on the soles, worse in palms, face and more in the armpits. Though this condition is uncomfortable, the affected people are mostly the healthy ones. Recommended remedies are Botox injection, antiperspirants with aluminum chloride or surgery.
  5. Raccoon eyes. The dark color that surrounds the eyes is caused by fatigue – aside from age factors. This is mainly due to lack of sleep – making the skin look pale thus emphasizing the dark circle around the eyes. In other condition, raccoon eyes can also happen because of allergies and faulty genetic traces.
  6. Numbing of arm or leg. This sensation is caused by pressure on nerves making them incapable to pass on messages to the brain. This is just temporary and a risk-free condition. The recommended solution is very simple – change your sleeping position. However, if the condition persists and you are already experiencing the tingling factor, it may be a symptom of a more serious condition that needs further evaluation.
  7. The ear popping. Ear popping usually happens while in the plane because of the pressure and altitude changes that rapidly affects the inner and outer ears. To aid the condition, close your mouth, hold your nose and make a gentle blow. Yawning is also helpful or you may chew a chewing gum while on board.
  8. Red nose like Rudolf? Red nose is a chronic skin condition also called Rosacea. It often appears on sensitive skin particularly on the face and nose area. This is mostly seen in men than women. It is a genetically acquired condition but it can be treated thru laser treatment and Dermabrasion.

Yes, we all have our own mannerisms but when it comes to symptoms of diseases – better be knowledgeable on how to deal with them.

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