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Remedy: Happen to Burn your Palate with hot drinks or food while enticed with Politics?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Following political trends can be enticing sometimes that eating or drinking something hot at the same time of watching or reading such news can be compromised – thus resulting to accidental burns in the mouth’s palate. The tingling sensation and pain from the burn is quite disturbing but this can be remedied at once.

It is very simple how to ease the pain aside from resorting immediately to drinking pain killers or paracetamols – for as long as it is not serious. Putting ice, any cold but edible stuff or frozen delights can ease the pain for sure – but cold milk can even do a better job because it can coat the affected area for a while so as to stop it from hurting at the hype of the painful episode.

Just avoid any sharp snacks while the burn is still sensitive so as not to aggravate the surface of the burn that might cause it to be cut and bleed. This must be avoided because infection can happen. If you have an anesthetic mouthwash, get a gargle to further make the burned tissue numb and it will help in easing the pain also. However if you do not have that, gargling with a warm salted water can do the job but even better because swelling can be reduced too.


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