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Rep. Sandro Marcos’ Nuclear Energy Committee Now Approved by Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

Apong Glenn
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Rep. Marcos in Congress

Rep. Sandro Marcos leads the passing of the creation of the nuclear power plant committee in Congress. This is in his capacity as the Senior Deputy Majority Floor Leader. The Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative confidently did his job to the public’s amazement.

People to Enslave Electricity

The people deserve cheap, clean, and reliable energy, said Pangasinan 2nd District Rep. Mark Cojuangco. He’s elected to head the said special committee. Cojuangco is a notable nuclear energy supporter. His passion is very noticeable during his acceptance speech in Congress.

Nuclear Power Plants

The benefits of nuclear power plants may surpass isolated nuclear accidents in the pasts. This has proven for the last 30 years. The Chairman of the Special Committee on Nuclear Committee swears to bring out the truth about this method of generating electricity.

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