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Revisionism or Setting the Facts Straight on the Country’s Economy after EDSA?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; SHOWBIZ CHIKA-DORO

[VIDEO]: The late President Cory Aquino’s selling of public services.

The Economy Suffers after EDSA

The possibility of Bongbong Marcos’s takeover is near. His chance of winning the presidency is very high. The supremacy of the yellow faction seems to end already. The president himself has a lot to do with Marcos’s return to the executive office. His high approval rating explains why the majority of netizens are defending Marcos who is likely his successor via social media. Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile also serves as the living proof of the Aquinoses’ incompetence. Thus divulging what they did with the country’s economy.

A Marcos Traitor Turned Ally

Enrile was a so-called Marcos traitor. But he was actually his protector. This is according to his previous confession to Bongbong Marcos. Many Filipinos are yet to be convinced that he has never changed his heart to former President Marcos. He said that he just didn’t know who the enemies were. The late Cory Aquino also appointed him as one of her cabinet members. But it was hell for him. Saying that Aquino did not know anything about running a government. So, learning from his experience would give the BBM the edge. Know your enemies, he added. This is for Marcos to watch out for on top of strengthening the economy.

Privatization of Public Services Affects the Economy

The video explains the different kinds of government-owned businesses that ex-President Cory Aquino sold to private companies. Public utilities like water and electricity should remain under the control of the government. Not to mention the agency that controls the prices of fuel like gasoline and gas. However, because of Ferdinand Marcos’s initiative with the gold reserves, the Philippine economy can only shake during the pandemic. Bankruptcy is far from happening. People in the know should be able to vote wisely this coming 2022 election.

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