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Robredo-Aquino: Husbands’ Deaths Staged for Public Sympathy?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former President Corazon Aquino’s entry to the top public office happened because her late husband then Senator Ninoy Aquino who intended to topple the late President Ferdinand Marcos was assassinated upon his arrival at the airport tarmac. Marcos warned him not to come back considering the unrest at that time – that might endanger him, but he was quoted as saying; the Filipinos are worth dying for. It was a perfect drama and so, majority of the Filipinos were influenced to vote for Cory but Marcos still won, thus the birth of the Edsa People’s Power revolution that instilled her into power in 1986.

Despite Cory becoming president plus her son Noynoy continuing another presidential term after her, the crime remained unsolved. They can only blame Marcos but imprisoned military men who were part of the security team confessed that the alleged mastermind of the killing was Eduardo Cojuanco – a kin of Cory Aquino.

Now, many Filipinos can’t help but wonder if Jesse Robredo’s, Leni’s husband’s 2-engine light aircraft crash was an accident or staged for his widow to get sympathy votes? What do you think?

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