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Robredo Assumes that Millennials Do Not have the Right Discretion to Identify Misinformation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Parents of millennials including Vice President Leni Robredo can attest that they cannot be told on what to believe. As she said, they have all the information readily available for them online. They just have to discern the right from wrong. Why worry then that they come to know the truth?

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo tells students of Far Eastern University to be discerning of the information they receive, especially online. Robredo says having readily available information is a good thing but not when it harms people when lies are peddled.


Vice President Leni Robredo said that the big problem in today’s youth is misinformation. She is fedup that all our judgments, all our prejudices come from misinformation, Robredo speaks to students of Far Eastern University. She added that it’s a good thing that information is readily available, especially through smartphones. But she is scared how facts may be twisted or lies can spread. The Vice President clearly underestimates the millennials ability to discern.

Rumors about the VP

There is a rumor that says Robredo connives with philanthropist Loida Lewis and other Filipino-American community members to oust the President. The rumor is supported by exchanges through the public Yahoo! Group of the Global Filipino Diaspora Council. There is even a claim that she is pregnant. She is allegedly married to another man before her marriage to the late interior secretary Jesse Robredo. All these she deny and time really tells which ones are true with her speaking against the President during the Liberal Party’s EDSA Protest.

How to Discern

Robredo encourages the youth to be more discerning of the information available receive online. Saying that they cannot base their judgments and their prejudices on information on lies. She adds that no one forces them  to believe in a particular school of thought. But hopes that their basis of their belief is correct. Perhaps the Vice President does not realize how smart many millennials can be in discerning the right from wrong. This is the very reason why anti-Marcos supporters diminish in time but to her disadvantage.

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Government Request

Robredo also urges government officials to institute policies that protect the public from unreliable information. She also forgets that she is part of the government as the Vice President but perhaps she realizes that she can’t hold on to it as long as she wants to due to the ongoing electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos.

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