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Robredo Camp: Proclaim First before Audit

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people cannot imagine why the camp of Leni Robredo is so adamant that she will be proclaimed as winner of the Vice Presidential race without delay. In fact, they will stop any attempt to block her proclamation together with the Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte. They are also urging the public to call her the Presumptive Vice President!

There might be many more legal things that the Marcos camp is going to do like first filing for a legal compaint that she indeed cheated during the election – with proofs using the copies of the certificates allegedly sent to his office. Besides, the official canvassing did not reach a conclusion yet. Nonetheless, the sources of the data that prompted the certificates of canvass came from only one source -as the transparency server. How could that change the total count if ever?

If that is the case, why would Leni Robredo wanted to be proclaimed before the audit? If after going through that process and they found out that there’s indeed discrepancy, would she not be ashamed to step down?

The arguments are here:

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