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Robredo Delays Electoral Protest because Fairness of the House is an Issue


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo knows that she cannot survive the impeachment due to the super majority in both the lower and upper House of Representatives. The ultimate goal of the Liberal Party as disclosed by former President Noynoy Aquino is to prevent Bongbong Marcos from winning the VP post. The only way to do this despite the administration’s foreseen success in such impeachment complaints against her is to delay the electoral protest – because Marcos can only assume the Vice Presidency if he is proclaimed victorious by the SC, whether the post is vacated or not.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: TJ Manotos keeps us in the loop on Vice President Leni Robredo and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’ word war.

Majority versus Liberal Party

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez himself pushes for her impeachment. This is why Leni Robredo is worried about the fairness of the impeachment process in the House of Representatives. They are dominated by the President’s allies. But the Liberal Party or LP in the House vows to fight the impeachment of Robredo, according to the LP members.

Pre-judgment in the House against Robredo

Under the Constitution, the House, which hears the impeachment complaint, is the one to assess and determine if the complaint filed against a public official is sufficient in form and substance. Even before the impeachment proceeding, the leader of the House already made a pre-judgment. “This is really worrisome. In all past impeachments, this is the first time we see the Speaker leading it,” said LP Representative Gutierrez.

Behind the President’s Impeachment Complaint?

Alvarez perceives betrayal of public trust as the VP’s ground for impeachment. This is for her criticism of the administration’s bloody war on drugs in a videotaped message sent to an event in a United Nations conference. Alvarez also accused Robredo of being behind the impeachment complaint filed against the president that she vehemently denied and acknowledged by the president.


Marcos Loyalists Filed the Impeachment Complaint against Robredo

Lawyers Oliver Lozano and Melchor Chavez, who are Marcos loyalists filed an impeachment complaint against Robredo. This is irrelevant to Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest because even if she is impeached, he can’t take over the post yet. They claimed that shames the nation with her damaging message to the United Nations which are based on hearsays. This made her guilty of betrayal of public trust.

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  1. It’s suppose to be recount and the truth come out who is the real vice president .why leni delaying tactic for the recount? Why leni afraid for recount?if she knows that she win as vp then why she afraid to know the truth.?#RECOUNT4VP##RECOUNT4VP

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