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Robredo Forgot that she’s in the Position to Cheat – as administration bet!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Leni Robredo’s fear that there might be a repeat of the alleged cheating in the 1986 snap elections during the Presidential race between the father of her rival, Ferdinand Marcos and the mother of her boss, Cory Aquino is baseless. In fact, she is in the position to cheat – or at least the people behind here. As Chiz Escudero puts it; only the administration is capable to cheat!

It is also obvious that she is doing her own “mind-conditioning” stints – proclaiming herself many times during interviews as winner despite the absence of the official canvass results. Why does she wonders why the Marcos camp is claiming a lead of more than 100,000 votes based on their internal tally of certificates of canvass (COCs)?

Don’t they have their own internal tally like Marcos? So, if they don’t have the initiative to secure that,then how could they make sure that the official canvass tally coincides with their internal results or maybe she did not know that they have to make their own records based on what they witness in the tallying of total votes from the clustered precincts count? This is actually the very reason why they need to watch these physical activities closely and not just rely on the server data.

In response to GMA’s report: News

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