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Robredo should get Duterte’s Message on Separate Inauguration

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Preparing for a small and modest inauguration, the camp of incoming Vice President Leni Robredo knew that there will be a separate inauguration between the President and Vice President. They were informed by the President’s camp earlier.

Boyet Dy, head of Robredo’s transition team said that they respected the wishes of the president and so, they are going ahead with Robredo’s plan – that her inauguration will be conducted by the chairperson of the “smallest, farthest and poorest” barangay in Camarines Sur, located in the province where she came from.

It did not say however, where the inauguration will take place but it is going to be in Metro Manila. Barangay Captain Ronaldo D. Coner of Punta Tarawal, Calabanga was chosen to officiate according to the criteria given by Robredo. The question is, does Leni Robredo ever felt that she’s not welcome to the Vice Presidency or has she adobted the behaviour of her Liberal Party colleagues to be numb when it comes to the true sentiments of the majority of the Filipino people let alone Duterte’s?


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