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Robredo is Playing Safe on Du30’s Leadership while Bongbong Marcos Nailed It


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The capability of a good leader is evident in the way he or she decides. If one is playing safe, he or she is a bullshitter. Leni Robredo’s one-year leadership performance comment for the president says it all. On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos is quite sure of what he thinks about Du30’s first year in the presidency. He shows quality leadership and that sums up all, he said.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: VP Leni Robredo, mas sisipagin pa raw ang pag-abot sa mga nangangailangan

Pretty Mixed Up

Vice President Leni Robredo characterizes the President’s first year in office as a mixed bag of successes and shortcomings. She refuses to give a rating for his performance. Asked to elaborate on Du30’s shortcomings, Robredo did not give a specific answer. She only speaks in generalities about the many challenges that the nation faces.

Reconciliatory Tone

The Vice President takes a reconciliatory tone toward the Du30 administration. This is after her criticisms against the war on drugs, among other issues that seem self-destructive. Robredo, the nominal chair of the Liberal Party, perhaps does not echo her teammates’ negative comments after learning from Senator Antonio Trillanes’ BBC embarrassment for being out of tune with reality.


Robredo also said that it would be difficult for her to rate her own performance as she would be “biased.” “Probably, we are not lacking in industriousness, but because of the number of the people we need to help, it is not enough. Though we are spending a large chunk of our time to go down to the communities there’s never enough time,” she said.

Quality Leadership

Meanwhile, Marcos said that Du30 shows leadership “both in our local and foreign policies.” “For example, he has redirected our foreign policy and that is the reason why we have regained once again a crucial and important position in the international community to the benefit of the Philippines. It is the same with various domestic policies,” he said. “I think the Filipino people recognize that. Only a good leader can do that and he managed to do just that,” Marcos said. Obviously, nothing is clearer than that.

Marcos: Duterte displaying good, quality leadership

1 thought on “Robredo is Playing Safe on Du30’s Leadership while Bongbong Marcos Nailed It

  1. she simply doesn’t have the courage of her own convictions. what she is doing is ‘namamagka sa dalawang ilog’ so she can’t be criticized of what she says. whether she says yea or nay she will be criticized as most people see what she is a hypocrite. I guess she is concerned to of her trust rating in the poll as what Mr Jose Alejandrino says she is better off staying permanently in Boston to look after her baby (a note of sarcasm?) and I quote: MY APOLOGY TO LENI’S FRIENDS AND ADMIRERS by Jose Alejandrino
    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I meant no disrespect. I do recognize after studying carefully Leni’s photos that she does have talent. Admittedly she has had a fast career in a span of a year. Much faster than mine. Who can match her record within that short span? She rose from a mambo dancer to a presumptive VP to a middle-aged fashion model to a Bostonian garbage collector. Truly impressive. No VP in Philippine history has been able to accomplish the same.
    My problem with Leni has nothing to do with her multi-talented skills. It has, I regret to say, to do with the trash in her head. Now if she is ready to throw that head into the garbage bin, our country would be cleaner of the kind of trash polluting it.
    I hope she is enjoying Boston. She should really consider a definite stay there and attend to her motherly chores. Don’t worry about the president. He is doing fine without her. His doctors say he has the strength of a bull and is likely to outlive all his critics who are looking very pale at the moment. The sad news is Noynoy keeps losing weight and can no longer fit into his pants. If Leni happens to find a pair with a smaller waist size when rummaging in the garbage, would she mind sending it to him? Thanks in advance on Noynoy’s behalf.

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