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Robredo-Marcos: Another Round of Vice Presidential Debate Fueled by the President

vice presidential debate

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It seems like the last vice presidential debate is happening again but this time through separate speaking engagements of Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo. Supporters from both Robredo and Marcos camps are observing intensely on how the Supreme Court reacts on the exchanges of attacks against the two rivals in their speeches. Amidst anarchy, rebellion, and terrorism threats, the president is again reminding people how the late Ferdinand E. Marcos was so brilliant if his power did not decline. This is just too much of a coincidence.

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Slow SC

The Supreme Court’s inaction over an obviously long period of time is quite disturbing. This is why pro-Marcos netizens are calling for the recount for barely 8 months now. The preliminary conference is even not yet set in motion. A physical protest is also about to take place very soon.

No Formal Offer Yet

Bongbong Marcos clarifies that the president has not offered any position for him – but made it a point that if asked, he can never say no to the president. He also thinks that his electoral protest against Leni Robredo will not be abandoned if ever he assumes the DILG Secretary post.

Robredo Worried on Marcos at the DILG

Robredo finds it worrisome that Marcos can have all that power in the police force as well as in the local government units that the DILG controls. Her camp is too quick to made their fear known when the current DILG secretary, Ismael Sueno was fired over corruption allegations that he denied.


Marcos calls Robredo disloyal and her camp hits back calling him a thief. The irony is, the corruption allegations of Robredo ever since the 2016 vice presidential debate was not for Bongbong Marcos – but for his father who is long gone and already buried in the Heroes’ Cemetery. Meanwhile, the president explains how intelligent the late Marcos was with his projects like the Biyayang Dagat – that can really flourish if not interrupted.

1 thought on “Robredo-Marcos: Another Round of Vice Presidential Debate Fueled by the President

  1. #ROBREDO, THE THIEFOFTHENIGHT! She got the nerve to call BBM a thief, when she is being branded as such for stealing people’s vote? Her spokesman, Barry Gutierrez should know that.. #LENIROBREDO,robbed the people of their right to choose a leader, siya ang MAGNANAKAW!

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