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Robredo worthy of Duterte’s Gentleman ways because she’s not a Drug Criminal

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo should now understand President Rodrigo Duterte’s ways. He will be tough and not tolerant with drug criminals but as a lawyer coming from a prominent family, she can expect to be treated like how a lady Vice president should be dealt with – if she only behaves.

Robredo experienced Duterte’s being a gentleman in her recent courtesy visit at Malacanang Palace. She testified to the media herself that he is really different from how his image is projected in the news than in real life. She said that she owed it to the Filipino voters to work hand in hand with the president regardless of their political affiliations – and she vowed to support his administration which she is a part of with or without a cabinet post.

In fairness to Robredo, she herself also has the humility and the good intentions for the country that the president possesed. She only sufferred criticisms due to her connivance with the past administration accused of fraud in the last May 9, 2016 election that allegedly resulted to her winning the Vice Presidency instead of Duterte’s real bet, Bongbong Marcos – since Senator Alan Cayetano was his running mate. Nevertheless, only time can rveal the real score on the election fiasco but running the government should not be hampered anymore due to the observed indifference between the two. They are both good now.


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