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Robredo’s Demanding Marcos to Drop Protest on SD Data is Lawyer’s Outdated Insight


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Romulo Macalintal, the Vice President’s lead lawyer, challenges Marcos’ lawyer Victor Rodriguez who said that that the fact there is data in the supposedly untouched SD cards is proof of election fraud – to withdraw electoral protest if fraud not found on decrypted data is insane.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal dares Bongbong Marcos to commit in writing that he would drop his election protest against VP Leni Robredo if it is not proven that SD cards were used for poll fraud.

Common Sense on Corrupted SD Cards

Macalintal declares, “Marcos should withdraw his election protest against our client, Vice President Leni Robredo should fraud is not proven from the data. His lawyer who made such irresponsible statement should surrender to the Supreme Court his license to practice law,” Macalintal added. In today’s internet era, it is fair common sense that new SD Cards should have no data on them or formatted to contain only what is compatible with the tools that they are needed for.

Why Pay for Corrupted SD Cards

Rodriguez’s point is clear. Why Smartmatic fails to format the SD cards before use if they are corrupted must be explained. Why did Comelec allow having these corrupted SD cards? Is there connivance? Therefore, it’s possible that the exercise is fraudulent because why do they such unauthorized software?

Why Withdraw Protest?

Fraudulent or not, the unauthorized software should not be in the SD cards in the first place. For sure, Macalintal is now too old to understand this. His time has gone and he now looks like a fool.

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Macalintal Has Nothing to Lose

Macalintal has nothing to lose that is why he is willing to surrender his own license to practice law and withdraw from representing the Vice President if the Comelec did end up proving the existence of fraud. In fact, he should have retired already. His words are already not at par with the changing times and he insisted on his ancient insights that do not match with the developments in the technology era.

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