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Robredos’ Pro Tanto Recount Dismissal Plea Ignored as Marcos’ Supporters Pray at Supreme Court

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Right after the preliminary conference of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Leni Robredo, she again revived her Motion for Reconsideration Pro Tanto. Pro Tanto is a Latin word that means “to such an extent.” She asks PET once again to dismiss  Marcos’ recount bid for his alleged failure to “specify in detail the electoral frauds and irregularities. However, Robredo’s repeated delaying action does not attract the mainstream media anymore. The Prayers of the avid Marcos loyalists at the Supreme Court grounds are indeed working.


Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Nakiisa ang former senator at dating vice presidential candidate sa overnight vigil. Bukas magsisimula ang preliminary conference ng electoral protest ni Marcos laban kay VP Robredo.

Pro Tanto Status

Marcos received Robredo’s Motion asking the PET to allow her to file a supplement to her Motion for Reconsideration Pro Tanto that she originally filed last 24 February 2017. In her Supplement, Robredo once again asked the PET to dismiss his election protest for his failure to “specify in detail the electoral frauds and irregularities that were committed during the last elections”.

Prayer Works

Supporters of the namesake of Ferdinand Marcos were outside the Supreme Court prior to the preliminary conference. It was set in motion last July 11. They pray, share inspirational talks and sing songs of praise. Bongbong Marcos even thanked them all in person later that night. Then he showed up fresh the next day while Robredo missed it.

Vigil for the Truth

Some people cannot understand why Marcos’ supporters opt to hold a prayer vigil instead of a rally for the truth to come out. They urged the Supreme Court to order a recount of votes for Marcos and Vice President Leni Robredo in the May 9 elections. In response, the SC announced that the recount is prioritized and the digital election fraud issue is to follow only. This irked Robredo’s camp badly.

Pro Tanto becomes La Tonta

Despite gaining from the recent Pulse Asia Survey, Robredo remains unappreciated, naive and somewhat clumsy Vice President. Just like the Spanish character that depicts the same nature. Never under estimate the power of prayer. It simply works.

3 thoughts on “Robredos’ Pro Tanto Recount Dismissal Plea Ignored as Marcos’ Supporters Pray at Supreme Court

  1. i guess the SC justices are aware of the massive fraud that happened last election and they can’t just ignore it. i myself is aware of it even though i’m not there to witness it, thanks to fb and other online sources of info that just a click of a button everything is there for anyone to access the related info. the masses know it too as evidenced by BBM loyalist that continue to support BBM even if a year has already passed. only the camp of the fvp is in denial that it did not happened. probably the mainstream media is slowly getting fed up of the fvp’s drama and does not sell anymore.

  2. Her style has rotten.!!!!!

  3. Her style has rotten.!!!!

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