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Robredo’s Supporters Compared Marcos Protest to David & Goliath Bible Story


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo’s supporters compared Robredo’s struggle with Bongbong Marcos’ protest as a David and Goliath bible story. They also urge the few people who gathered around the Supreme Court not to bring a Marcos back to power – calling him a thief. It is not sure, however, what Marcos had stolen.

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Hard to Let Go the P8M

Leni Robredo addressed the small crowd and said that she had a hard time completing the P8 M first tranche of the deposit ordered by the Supreme Court for her counter-protest against Marcos. She could have given it to the poor – but many just couldn’t believe that because of the previous record that she mismanaged some funds for the poor. Kadamay, in fact, rejected a recommendation that she heads the National Anti-Poverty Commission, because she used money from the 4Ps program or dole to the poor to get elected.

David and Goliath Bible Story

Supporters said that Robredo is like David who went to war with the mighty Goliath without anything but a sling. They describe Marcos as the rich and powerful foe who spends stolen money to get back to power. If so, why was Robredo declared as Vice President with only a slim margin of the votes if she does not have equally powerful backers? This is despite the many proofs of fraud during the 2016 elections.

Not Backing Down

The PET dismissed Robredo’s motion for reconsideration and ordered her “to pay the cash deposit as stated in the resolution within a non-extendable period of five days from notice of the resolution.” Robredo said it was not easy for her to obtain the P8 million cash deposit but she will not back down on her fight against the Marcoses. Note that she thinks that her fight is not against Bongbong Marcos only but the whole family which is a clear indication of obsession.

Marcos has Instant Money

Robredo said that Marcos’ protest only showed that he and his family want to return to power. They simply cannot accept the election results. She also cited that it was easy for Marcos, whose father was accused of obtaining ill-gotten wealth, to pool P36 million. Signifying that he used the stolen money to pay, when in fact, around 40 of Marcos’ friends vouched in to complete the P36 M with a matching documentation to prove.

3 thoughts on “Robredo’s Supporters Compared Marcos Protest to David & Goliath Bible Story

  1. is that BBM’s fault that they choose to file their counter protest? their delaying tactic backfired and blame the Marcoses.

    1. Alam kase nila malapit na matapos ang kahambugan ni Lenibobo sa pagiging pekeng vp… hahaha kaya nagiinarte ang mga yellowtards..

  2. Hahaha mas madami pa media kesa sa mga supporters ni pekeng vp Lenibobo… kung magnanakaw ang mga Marcos e ano tawag nyobsa mga Aquino at sa mga LPs..,e di GAHAMANG MANDARAMBONG at MANDARAYA!

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