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Rose Plant Ingredient is Arthritis Cure

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Gopo – the key ingredient of rose plant’s fruit known as rose-hip is found to have the healing wonders for arthritis – great news for six million arthritis-stricken British nationals. These chemical-free medications are now finally available in the United Kingdom at very reasonable cost.

According to studies conducted, scientists confirmed the proven herbal benefit of the component that can relieve joint pains especially in the hand area. The remedy has been tested to humans and the result indicated that 90% of the pain can easily diminish with the use of this miracle compound.

Rose plants that are producing rose-hips belong to rosa canina species and data of the studies conducted can be found at the site. According to the report, it was in Denmark that supplementary form of this herbal cure eased the pain of participants at the rate of nine out of ten. This already is a substantial help for these people afflicted with hand arthritis. They can already take care of their needs for daily living independently – like when eating or going to the toilet!
The above findings were reviewed and verified by the Frederiksberg University in Copenhagen then recorded in the Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Disease. Patients that have tried the comfort brought about by the natural element of rose-hip will not likely go back and use other over-the-counter painkillers!

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