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Sandro Marcos as the House Senior Deputy Majority Leader in the 19th Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Presidential son Sandro Marcos is both a first-time lawmaker and ‘senior’ House leader

Sandro Marcos in the 19th Congress

The anti-Marcos peeps seem to question the majority House for voting Rep. Sandro Marcos as Senior Deputy Majority Leader in the 19th Congress because he’s a first-time lawmaker. He might be the presidential son but his abilities are enormous. Besides, he used to work with Rep. Martin Romualdez who is now the Speaker of the House.

A Personal Nomination

On the other hand, Sandro Marcos was the one who nominates his uncle, Martin Romualdez as speaker of the house. This sounds personal. But in the world of Philippine politics, leaders tend to choose the people they trust. This time is no different than the previous administrations.  Now, Congress can make sure that the majority is solid.

The Winner Takes it All

The Marcoses never interfered with the government in the last 30 years despite the continued attacks against them. Now, it’s their time. President Bongbong Marcos is not only the leader of the more than 31 million Filipinos but all. So, it’s his alliances’ prerogative on how to secure the government. For as long as it’s mandated in the constitution.

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