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Sandro Marcos Gets Bukidnon Cheering for the BBM-Sara Uniteam 100%


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BIR: Sandro Marcos Gets the Crowd Cheering for the BBM-Sara Tandem

Bukidnon Crowd is 100% Supportive

The Bukidnon crowd is 100% all out for the Sara-BBM Uniteam. This is despite the absence of the tandem. However, Sandro Marcos is more than enough to replace them as usual. The young Ferdinand Marcos normally replaces his father in events should he can’t make it for very important reason.

Sandro Marcos Gets the Crowd Cheering

Not only that Sandro Marcos is a charmer but he’s also a very good speaker. He introduced the candidates under the Uniteam umbrella. This includes former palace spokesperson, Harry Roque. Marcos thanked the attendees in behalf of his father and Mayor Sara Duterte.

The BBM-Sara Uniteam Promise

Sandro did not fail to mention that when the Uniteam takes their turn in governing the country, they will return the favor by serving and providing the people with what they deserve. The overwhelming support in Bukidnon was too warm that it can drive away evils.

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