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Sandro Marcos Shows an Example of How to Respect a Notorious Political Detractor

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos shows respect to Rowena Guanzon, a notorious political detractor of his father.

Sandro Marcos Still Respects Guanzon

In a mere coincidence, Sandro Marcos crosses path with his father’s below-the-belt critic, former Comelec commissioner, Rowena Guanzon. The congressman-elect from Ilocos Norte serves an example to Marcos supporters after Bongbong Marcos’ majority victory.

Respectful and Courteous

With respect and courtesy, Sandro Marcos greeted Guanzon, shaked her hand, and exchanged pleasantries with her naturally with enthusiasm. No signs of awkwardness despite the bullying stunts of Guanzon on his father during the campaign period.

Guanzon’s Reply

In a separate video, Guanzon seems not surprise of Sandro’s gestures. She said, “of course we come from good families. So, we act according to good moral standards.” Such example should multiply to finally unite the Filipino people.

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  1. Isa lang po ang ating hangad ang muling kilalanin ang atin pilipinas at muling maging dakila sa paningin ng lahat ang muli nating maipaalaking tayo’y nagkakais ang mga pilipino sa isip sa diwapantay pantay ng karapatan sa mga hangaring makapaglingkod kaya dapat lang na tayo ay magkaisa sa i isang hangarin ang muling magingaganda ang ating Pilipinas sa paningin ng mga dayuhan.

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