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Sandro Marcos: Why Hate when you can Give Love?

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Handy Vertext Lao

Why Hate over Lugaw when you can Give Love to Laoageños?

Sandro Marcos on Giving Love

Amidst social media posts on hate over his father’s electoral protest with who they call “Lugaw,” Sandro Marcos gives love to Laoageños instead. He prefers to provide bundles of joy to celebrate his birthday recently. Many people also cannot believe the recent Pulse Asia survey. They thought that Bongbong Marcos must be on the lead right now and not just tailing Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. Come to think of it. Sandro’s lovable character can actually unite the opposing factions.

The Sandro Marcos Ingredient

There is no denial that Bongbong Marcos’ son is a vote driver for his father. Many millenials do not really care about the propaganda against the Marcoses. They are more into how this charming young man can be a promising leader in the future. We can only expect to see more of him during the election 2022 campaign period.

Character Over Survey

Sandro Marcos’ character really does compliment his father’s candidacy this coming elections. The pandemic also made Filipinos realize that it’s about time to bring a Marcos back into the executive office. People must braise into choosing the right leader when they file their presidential bid this October 2021.

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