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Scientists Disappointed over Bone Marrow Result for HIV

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

A bone marrow harvest.
A bone marrow harvest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The slightest hope for HIV patients disappeared when the 2 Boston patients who received bone marrow transplant to eradicate HIV traces became positive again with the virus after allegedly being free from it for at least 10 months. It was presumed that the disease was just hiding during those times. Read this:

Hopes Dashed for HIV Cure with Bone Marrow Transplant

By: Erika Check Hayden

Two patients who researchers hoped had been cured of HIV have seen their infections return, dashing hopes that the virus had been eradicated from their bodies.

This is indeed a disappointing finding but the quest is not over yet. Thanks to the antiretroviral medications that help in strengthening the patients’ resistance against foreign microorganisms harmful to the body. Unsuccessful as it may seem, the scientists conducting the studies learned more significant factors that might help in finding the cure for HIV. It’s not yet the end of the search!

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