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Self-Made Journalists are Tough ready for Extremes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Self-made journalists are tough and ready for extremes when they cover a story. They do not expect special treatments and often subject to improper attitudes. Mariz Umali’s response to President Rodrigo’s whistling when she asked a question should be enough. Yeah, it might not be expected from a President but very normal reaction from a Rodrigo Duterte. People knew that – that’s why he got more than 16 million votes.

Journalists knew that there’s no news-worthy incidents when they become news themselves. Even Raffy Tima’s Tweet – became news, just acting as husband to her wife. However, there’s another scenario here that shows a rotten society. People love gossips so don’t be surprised if there’s really money in tabloids.

So when the media gets corrupted, it’s also the fault of the public. There will be no supply if there’s no demand. They only deliver what you want, if they need more money. So, to stop media propaganda, refrain from defamation. Boycott Trillanes-like accusations in the news until proven guilty by the proper court. After all in spite of our freedom of speech, in a democratic society we also have to respect the rule of law!

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