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Senate on Extra Judicial Killings: Police on drugs cleaning out witnesses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s been a riddle why President Rodrigo Duterte is so annoyed with Senator Leila de Lima’s divulging that she had witnesses who could testify against police “scalawags” allegedly behind the summary executions of suspected drug dealers to cover up their involvement in the narcotics trade? She is just doing her job in the Legislative Department to neutralize the brutality of the Executive Section on the issue.

As stated in her open letter in Filipino, De Lima urged Mr. Duterte “to follow the inquiry” of the Senate committee on justice and human rights expected to start on Monday detailing her allegations against certain officials of the Philippine National Police who are allegedly doing the accusation. “There is an indication that not all drug suspects are really related to, but that they just coincided with, the campaign against drugs,” she said.

“There are deaths that are being done by corrupt officials and their cohorts to cover up their heinous participation in the drug trade. They are not pushing forward, and are instead diverting, the direction of the fight against drugs and sabotaging the good intentions of the campaign,” she added.

If only the president is listening to common plublic outcry, he would know that de Lima’s theory is right. Why is the president supporting these corrupt police officials?

The president is under public outrage when instead of replying to de Lima’s letter professionally, he accused her of sexual misconduct for allegedly having an affair with her driver – boasting that he has video tapes to prove them. This proves that Duterte is not really concerned of improving public services for the people but he is more inclined to destroying his detractors in a very distasteful manner.


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