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Senate Probe Media Favors Binay Anew – July 7, 2015

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No wonder that the highly publicized July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe at 1PM was not majorly broadcasted because testimonies mainly favor V.P. Jejomar Binay.

As usual, even if Koko Pimentel already knew that Binay will not attend the said hearing, he still acted as if they are waiting for Binay to appear and just decided to proceed when it’s evident that there’s no sign of his presence.

It is not confirmed that the Senate Probe really happened on the specified date because we do not know any media who were present in the probe. The only evidence of this event is the following video:

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Source: Senate of the Philippines

Here are the extracts of the hearing from the first 20 minutes silence where senators are seen playing around to the next long break of silence (Highlighted parts are clear evidence that V.P. Binay was favored by Witnesses and Trillanes do not accept the clear testimonies):

Joint hearing – 826 about anomalies in city of Makati 1114 Pagibig and Boyscout of the Philippines

Whereabouts of Baloloy and Limlingan

Trillanes: Possible that both are still in the country or used aliases when departing!

Atty Ellaine Tan as per BID record on the status of the 2 people: As per BI record Limlingan is in the country and Baloloy is in the country (who is a she).

Pimentel: No invitation or subpoena was sent to Vic Limlingan that’s why he did not attend.

Trillanes: Secretary to prepare yet the invite of Vic Limlingan as proxy for Jerry Limlingan who was suspected to be Binay’s dummy.

Trillanes: Assumed that Vic Limlingan might have anomalous financial record to be able to link him to V.P. Binay but no evidence for this yet.

Trillanes: STI owner, Mr. Tangco was asked about his security brokerage – Venture Securities. List of investors of the company does not contain any political names.

Trillanes threatened Tangco that he will invetigate using a fine tooth comb and Tangco was confident that they knew their clients’ practices before accepting investments.

STI Healthcare – very in touched with the industry and close connection with medical institutions and IT.

Expertise in investing in STI College for Nursing, Global Resource which is a POAE licensed entity, invested in delos Santos STI – put up a mega clinic facility in Mega Malls and continues to be interested in healthcare.

Professor Lopez on Academe was asked about the schools good for nursing. Is STI anywhere near the top of 25 – No but attracted University of Makati that with STI the employment is guaranteed.

Tangco is a friend of V.P. Binay but not a personal friend.

President of UMAK and private company is the same person because both sectors can’t be separated for seamless coordination of the partnership.

Financial Statement paying consultancy fees to the partner – was explained that the answer is No – even if Trillanes threatened Tangco to be held in contempt . No consultancy paid to STI but to SGV as the auditing firm but Trillanes says not SGV then changed the story

Trillanes accused Binay to be shareholder – but the answer of the witness was No – but only a qualifying shareholder of 1% and Trillanes castigated him on the confusion.

Jack Arroyo received subpoena but did not response so will be cited on contempt.

Does Tangco know Jack Arroyo who is the President of American Eye? Yes. Arroyo was recommended by Tangco’s lawyer and knew only that it’s a sizable company between 50 to 200 employees.

Trillanes: (to Tangco) You are destroying your credibility if you really have one – so why Arroyo became an investor of UMAK? The incorporation document was read. Section 16 reads either parties can assign shares for as long as he’s responsible. So why Arroyo? He has the LASIK technology that is upcoming. (stopped by Trillanes because he will not allow any answer that is not relevant but Tangco insisted that LASIK is relevant to nursing).

Trillanes boasted that dummies are afraid to face them because they do not want to go through the plight of Tiu.

Pimentel: Can the Univerity of Makati enter into joint partnership? Was it proper to have Jack Arroyo as 20% stakeholder? Was public bidding required to choose the partner nursing institution?

Pimentel’s speculation that if Jack Arroyo is the dummy of V.P. Binay, the money will not go to him but to Binay – which is an accusation that does not have evidence yet to prove it.

COA representative was asked if already conducted an audit with the public-private joint venture? Not yet as per COA representative. Atty Juliano said that there might be conflict of interest as public officials but not a definite answer. Will check further to verify.

UMAK is subsidized except the College of Nursing. Why? The shareholder is V.P. Binay as per the baseless accusation of Trillanes.

The Chongs are not present but sent son as representative due to medical reasons.

Makati City officer Aldon was there to answer about payroll questions but she is not from Financial Department. She said that Baloloy is still under payroll while processing her resignation while on leave – because her leave was approved and she’s entitled of leave credits. The salary must be paid during the leave because she is entitled with the paid leave.

It was asked if the salary was paid by Cash or ATM? Witness does not know cause she is not in charge of payroll and no knowledge about Baloloy’s pay slip.

Aldon strongly specified that there are no ghost employees in Makati City Hall.

Some employees are paid on cash and some through ATMs because they are still in the process of converting to ATM system – so 50% ATM and 50% cash but eventually will become 100% ATM payment soon.

Trillanes apologized to Aldon that her testimony will not be followed because they are convinced that there are ghosts employees in Makati City Hall.

Jerry Limlingan was the Consultant of HUDCC but the contract was already revoked since Sept 30, 2014. Contract was renewed every 6 months at 25,000 pesos per month.

The Senators are clearly bias against Binay and even the partial way of reporting on TV is also misleading.


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  1. Di pa ba kayo titigil nyan…nilalangaw Na hearing neo… and no more media coverage… stick to your duties as lawmakers…..ngayon people know who they are going to vote in 2016…and definitely not you dumbasses….

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