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Senator Bets Imee Marcos and Glenn Chong are Leading in HK Poll Despite Election Problems

By: Elena Grace Flores

On the first day of the polls at the Philippine Embassy in Hongkong, some of ​​the VCM performances of Smartmatic are erratic. Reports say that cases of under votes and over votes were evident. However, bets for Senator, Gov. Imee Marcos and Atty. Glenn Chong maintain their slots at the top for the senatorial race. SAP Bong Go, Bato dela Rosa, JV Ejercito, Chong, Marcos, Cynthia Villar, Sonny Angara, and Bong Revilla made it to the magic 12. So as, Atty. Larry Gadon and Toti Casino. Although, this is not yet the final election results.

YouTube video byKabagis TV

[VIDEO]: Unang Araw din ng Botohan sa Hongkong, OFW Naiyak sa Mali-mali Resulta ng Smartmatic

Emotional Voter

An ofw is on tears when explaining how her votes were void due allegedly to over votes. She insists that she deliberately follows here list. It is impossible that she would make more marks on her ballots than the requirement. Since this is here first time to vote, she gets very emotional.

Defective Machines

One of the machines needs to be shaken for it to work. This shows that the VCMs are not well maintained. In one instance, the receipt of the ballot casts shows nothing. Nevertheless, repetition of the process is not anymore possible.

Cannot Take Pictures

Hongkong clean election campaigners remind the rest of the voters not to fall into the trap. They are giving out a small piece of paper with the recommended candidates. Also, an important warning must not be ignored. Know that taking pictures is prohibited. The voter can be disqualified if he or she violates this. The votes made will then be void.

Election Committee Minutes

It is good to note that when one experiences certain abnormality during the casting of votes, he or she must submit an election committee minutes. There is a form available in the precinct. This is necessary as a proof of such disputes during a petition.

Senate Bets on Top 2 Slots

It is in the citizens’ report via social media that Marcos allegedly bags the number one spot for Senator in Hongkong. Chong closely follows her, according to netizens in the area. Despite the troubles, it looks like these two candidates won’t have problems to get a Senate seat if cheating is prevented. Let’s all be vigilant.

1 thought on “Senator Bets Imee Marcos and Glenn Chong are Leading in HK Poll Despite Election Problems

  1. they could not stop Imee Marcos at Glenn Chong all the way to the senate. wherever in the world they are on the 1st and 2nd winning slot spearheading up and nobody could stop them.our voice is Imee Marcos and Glenn Chong

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