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Senator Bong Go: Does She Have the Authority to Conduct Peace Talks?

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By: Elena Grace Flores
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Robredo may have no authority.

No Authority on Peace Talks

Senator Bong Go doubts the legality of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ plan to engage the Office of the Vice President in the peace talks. He asserts that it may have no bearing. President Rodrigo Duterte is the AFP’s commander in chief. Leni Robredo just sits as VP. She did not last long in her previous assignments.

Go’s Stand

As much as possible, Senator Go does not want a civil war among Filipinos. He questions how the military gets involved? Robredo has nothing to do with them. She’s not in the chain of command. So, their peace talks won’t have any effect as far as legal agreements are concerned.

Feeling Closer to the Insurgents

Just like during the Marcos regime, then Senator Ninoy Aquino was responsible for the merging of the CPP-NPA. He purely violated the constitution because he was a public official. His group was in connivance with the NPAs to topple the late Ferdinand Marcos’ government. Now, she’s doing it again.

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