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Senator Imee Marcos’ Election Reforms Can Remove Smartmatic


By: Elena Grace Flores
Contrary to the false information that blames the President’s alleged inaction with regards to Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest, his sister himself, Senator Imee Marcos write bills to fast-track the election reforms that are added to her plate. Her proposal includes 3 guidelines. These are: 1. Opening the bid to other systems providers; 2. Re-drafting the qualification criteria for the automated election operators and; 3. Imposition of the hybrid  system.

YouTube video by
Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Senator Imee Marcos pushes for the 3 major changes of the election policies.

Blaming the President

Netizens who seem to pretend to be  Marcos loyalists aggressively post misleading memes over Facebook to blame President Rodrigo Du30 for not firing Smartmatic. They also criticize the Filipino leader for not diictating the SC to declare Bongbong Marcos as the real winner of the 2016 VP race. His electoral protest still awaits the PET’s decision.

The PET Denies Robredo’s Fake News

The Presidential Electoral Tribunal denies the plea of Vice President Leni Robredo for immediate resolution and dismissal of election protest by former Senator Marcos. The tribunal says it has “yet to complete the proceedings which entail judicial recount, revision and appreciation of the votes cast in pilot provinces” and “is still in the process of appreciation.”

Smartmatic’s End

There are two things that need to be done to put an end to the Smartmatic issue following the constitution. First, it must allow other digital system providers to bid. Filipino bidders must be  a priority. Second, the pre-qualification requirement must not say that the candidate must have experienced two national elections because it would only be Smartmatic that would qualify.

Hybrid Election

The third aspect of the reforms that Senator Marcos is working on is the imposition of the Hybrid system. Filipinos are more comfortable watching the tallies on the  board when counting votes. She even agrees with Senator Leila de Lima to revise the Omnibus code in this regard because the constitutional law on this matter still dates back to her father’s time.

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