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Senator Imee Marcos Prevents Oversight on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

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By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Imee Marcos who is in charge of the election reforms committee in the Senate said that a possible oversight can happen during Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest proceeding if she won’t inhibit from it. She has deep connections with the issue and so, it’s better to let Senator Panfilo Lacson take over. This is only applicable when BBM’s case is in the agenda. Things must be prospective.

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[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos to inhibit from Senate poll panel probe on ‘Bongbong’ protest

Laws for the Future

The new Senator assures the public that there’s no retroactive or retrospective effects for the electoral reforms in the Senate. All policies must be made for future elections like the national poll in 2022 and the Barangay elections in 2023. This is if the latter won’t be done on schedule.

Nothing to do with BBM

Marcos chairmanship in the committee that makes policy changes going forward does not focus only on the younger Marcos’ plight. They must create proper guidelines to address the issues of the elections. Digital, manual, and hybrid systems are in the discussions.

A Lot of Vice Chairmen to Choose From

Senator Marcos has no problem to inhibit from the hearings of the electoral reforms when the issues of her brother’s electoral protest come up. She has a lot of Vice Chairmen to choose from. One is Senator Ping who can handle them well.

Customary Action for the Electoral Protest

Marcos is now the chairman of the electoral reforms committee. The senator’s brother has a pending electoral protest following his defeat in the 2016 vice presidential race. Therefore, it is best to inhibit from any hearing that involves BBM’s protest to be fair as per custom, she added.

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