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Senator Imee Marcos Reveals her Brother’s Survival Diet, Etc.


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos

Senator Imee Marcos with Jorge Bandiola & Willie Delgado on Straight to the Point at DZXL

Bongbong Marcos’ Survival Diet

Senator Imee Marcos reveals in an interview that her brother, Bongbong Marcos now starts to gain weight. She’s happy to announce that he already has the appetite to eat “pinakbet.” She also said that there’s a great advantage living in the province of Ilocos Norte during the coronavirus crisis. The harvests are abundant so, there’s an overwhelming supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Senator Imee Marcos talks about the COVID-free provinces in the North and how farmers are coping with their harvests in view of the lockdown with broadcasters Jorge Bandiola and Willie Delgado on their program Straight to the Point at DZXL on April 21.

The Senator was also asked about the resignation of NEDA secretary Ernesto Pernia, the role of LGUs in the distribution of government aid, and the availability of rapid testing kits, among others.

Logistics Problem in Transporting Supplies

Senator Marcos also clarifies that despite the good produce in her province, the farmers are sad because they cannot sell to Manila. They cannot make money as much as they need to. The transport system is very difficult for the agricultural sector nowadays. However, the solution to this problem should arise during the modified ECQ in some cities in the metropolitan Manila.

Modified ECQ is GCQ

The modified ECQ can finally allow a healthy diet to the metropilitan dwellers that do not have Covid-19 outbreaks. Under a modified ECQ, public transportation within is allowed provided that the residents observe social or physical distancing.
In areas under GCQ, the agriculture, fisheries, food manufacturing, food retail, logistics, and media industries may resume full operations.

The manufacturing of electronics and exports, e-commerce and delivery, repair and maintenance services, housing, and office services may also resume 50 to 100 percent of their operations.

In the financial services, business process outsourcing, and other non-leisure wholesale and retail trade and services, 50 percent onsite work and 50 percent work from the home arrangement must be observed.

Public transportation may also resume at a reduced capacity in provinces under GCQ.

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