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Senator Imee Marcos’ Solution on Kris Aquino’s Confusion Over Du30’s Remarks


By: Elena Grace Flores
In connection with Kris Aquino’s misunderstanding on President Rodrigo Du30’s remarks, Senator Imee Marcos previously urges those who have personal knowledge of former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s murder to come forward. This is to allow the truth about her father’s involvement to come out and end all speculations about the case. Like what the Marcos loyalists always ask; Why did the two Aquino Presidents fail to find the real assasin? Instead, it’s a Marcos who pursues the opening of the case.

YouTube video by
ABS-CBN News[VIDEO]: The World Tonight: Gunman in Aquino assassination insists on innocence, wants case reopened

Wrong Interpretation

President Du30 recently said that the late President Corazon Aquino is popular today just because her husband died in the hands of Marcos.This sarcasm is not a compliment to the yellow icon. It simply means that the late President Ferdinand Marcos was in great hierarchy than Aquino – that they have to blame him for the assassination of her spouse to gain sympathy from the people.

The President’s Explanation

Du30 made the statement as he laments Aquino’s promise to declare land reform in all of the Philippines but did not include her own land, Hacienda Luisita. In his speech, the Filipino leader said that Aquino may be known as an icon of democracy but but questions the contradiction on her own agrarian reform program.

Escalated Propaganda

Aquino’s assassination was a contributing factor in the transformation of the small opposition during Martial Law. His assassination galvanizes the opposition even more and got widespread support for their cause. It culminated in a People Power revolt in 1986. Now, his daughter uses the President’s figure of speech to separate the Marcos-Du30 alliance.

Senator Imee Marcos’ Solution

Senator Marcos refuses to comment on the possible reopening of the case. She points out that only the courts can determine whether any new evidence will merit a reinvestigation.

She said a “cycle” of commemorating “landmark dates” has been going on for the past several years. This cycle begins with the EDSA people power revolts on Jan. 20 and Feb. 25, Aquino’s death anniversary on Aug. 21, her father’s birth anniversary on Sept. 11, the declaration of martial law on Sept. 21, and her father’s death on Sept. 28. “We call these landmark dates,” Marcos said.

The Senator rules out speculation that her father ordered the killing of Aquino. She claims it was “a known fact that her father was extremely ill that time.” “My father has said, ‘I will be judged by posterity and history,’” Senator Marcos said.

19 thoughts on “Senator Imee Marcos’ Solution on Kris Aquino’s Confusion Over Du30’s Remarks

  1. You write: “Why do the 2 Aquino presidents FAILED…” You showed how illiterate and uneducated you are in how you write! You are a terrible embarrassment!

    STOP Writing in English! You don’t have the Correct Grammar!

    1. I appreciate your correction. I can only blame it to the grammar checker. The automated plugin did not detect it. So, it must follow the Google Algorithm. Nonetheless, I’ve edited it manually. Thanks.

    2. You too, supposed to be “You wrote” not “You write”. It’s so easy to judge others but so hard to see ourselves.

      1. Hahaha….

    3. Attack the issue, not the person. There is no such thing as perfect English or grammar.

  2. That Aquino’s clan they were using Ninoy as their business product to make them successful in politics…wherein until now they never resolved it. Hence, Kris starting to show…for WHAT?

  3. Move on guys….think of the future.

  4. Can Hollywood Solve JFK’s Murder?

    1. Nail it.

  5. The Aquinos dont want that to be solved. They are only using that in order to make their presence felt. Pag solve na yan they will be forgotten. Theres nothing worth remembering from them.

    1. People should watch A Few Good Men.
      Cut the bullshit.
      If Marcos ordered Ver to keep Ninoy ALIVE, he would have not been shot in the freaking head with a. 357 revolver.
      The Agrava Commission concluded Gen Ver and the AVSECOM colluded to murder Ninoy.
      Marcos exonerated them but did not get anyone convicted.
      He kept blaming the communists.
      If you were not around then, you probably know little about the event.
      Imelda and Ver were going take leadership after Marcos died.
      Do the math.

      1. That was the fact then so late bloomers listen and dont twist this fact

    2. The 6 blind mice are sworn to the death.
      They will never reveal what Ver told them to do.
      They killed Ninoy under orders from Ver.
      Who oredered Ver?
      Imelda or Marcos, take your pick.

      1. A Cojuanco! Da hu? We will never know. Cory and Abnoy did not bother to reveal the truth which they know until makarma na yung isa

  6. To all Filipinos, puwede png mag move forward n kayo? Wag kayong maging replay button. Di tayo aasenso ng ganyan. Regardless kung c Marcos ang may sala or not, both Ninoy, Cory and Marcos are dead! It does not matter anywhere. Ang daming problema s Pilipinas. Ngayon, use your energy in solving this problems.

  7. T was Danding Cojuangco, Cory s cousin who ordered the Death of Ninoy Aquino.
    Ninoy Aquino is Not a Hero, as The late Senator Jovito Salonga said, Ninoy Died for his “Ambition. “

    1. Only God can judge for them at the end,, now the three of them are all dead,, so let it be done,,

    2. A history teacher told me this.

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