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Senator Imee Marcos Suspects Nuezca as Hit Man


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Philippine Government Media

Senator Imee Marcos suspects that killer cop, Nuezca is a member of a syndicate

Killer Cop is Probably a Hit Man

Senator Imee Marcos suspects that Jonel Nuezca in the viral twin slay of a mother and son in Tarlac must be a hit man of a syndicate. The dismissal of his two homicide cases were suspicious. He was also able to avoid a drug test.

Dismissal from the Police Force

The Philippine National Police (PNP) vows to speed up the dismissal from the service of Nuezca. However, this won’t brining back the lives of his victims in broad daylight. The killing even happened in front of his neighbors and daughter. His ease in the killings captured in videos can only point to a larger crime involvement. The way that he killed the young man who was already on the floor was very disturbing, added Marcos.

Police Brutality

The alleged police brutality issue that has outraged the nation is back to life. Nuezca gives the whole police force a bad name. However, other people like Atty. Glenn Chong also experienced such serious circumstances first hand. So, it’s not only during martial law that this abuse of power culture exists.

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