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Senator Imee: Only a Strong Woman can Inspire her Peers in Uniform

Senator Imee

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Senator Imee Marcos celebrating Women’s Month with the policewomen of Region 7 in Cebu.

Senator Imee Marcos Spent Time with Cebu’s Policewomen

Just recently, Senator Imee Marcos spent time with Cebu’s women in uniform. This is during her visit that the Region 7 PNP headquarters. Senator Marcos celebrates the start of Women’s Month in Cebu City with them.

The Selfies are the Highlight

Many people surely want to have a photograph with the budding senator. She’s not only popular but her family is also a great part of Philippine history. The policewomen segregate themselves from their male counterparts just to have selfies with Marcos. The playful senator not only enjoys the policewomen’s company but also the selfies.

A Symbol of Strenght

Senator Imee Marcos is a symbol of a strong woman. Filipina at that. Just consider the scandals in her life. She continues to inspire people despite those. The Philippines never ran out of exceptional Filipinas. Hopes are up amidst an economic slowdown. Good thing that aside from the strength, Filipinas surely know how to have fun.

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