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Senator Marcos Neutralizes Smartmatic by Fast-Tracking Sotto’s Hybrid Election Bill


By: Elena Grace Flores
PH Latest

Senator Tito Sotto explains his hybrid election bill.

The Committee on Electoral Reforms for 2022 Election

Senator Tito Sotto clarifies that he is the author of the Hybrid Election Bill. Senator Imee Marcos endorses it. The Comelec said that they need to put that into law by January. So, that it can be implemented in the 2022 election. The pro-administration senators race against time. As Senator Marcos explains, no one would qualify but Smartmatic for the upcoming election. This is due to the provisions in the law.

Hybrid Election

The voting is manual with teachers’ counting on blackboards. Then, the transmission uses the Smartmatic’s automation. This way, there’s a reference when there are disputes in the numbers. Sotto this that this process is difficult to manipulate.

Other Suggestions

Sotto said that there are senators who suggest to make the voting a 3-day event. However, Sotto is not in favor of this. This can make rooms for cheating. The Senate’s connection with the lower house in Congress is not so efficient right now due to the different political interests. The battle continues with the speakership of Lord Velasco and other concerns. However, Sotto is positive about these things.

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