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Senator Marcos Uncovers Mystery on Monetary Assistance, Testing Kits & POGOS

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By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos

Senator Imee Marcos spoke with Senate reporter Nimfa Ravelo on “Bantay Balita sa Senado”

Mysteries on Donations and POGOS

Senator Imee Marcos spoke with Senate reporter Nimfa Ravelo on the latter’s radio program “Bantay Balita sa Senado” over Super Radyo DZBB simulcast on GMA News TV yesterday, May 3. Marcos clarifies the shortage of cash donations and the existence of POGOS. The President may be right because the Chinese gambling operators can help the economy in a way but if they do not pay proper taxes, and give too many headaches to the country then, their existence does not justify their existence. China is not even happy about its activities in the Philippines. To legalize POGOS is not a good move, she said. Marcos also questions the testing kits sold at airports.

Economic Strategy of the Senate on Cash Shortage

The Social Amelioration Program anomalies have something to do with the incomplete lists. It must include all people in the informal sector as per the law. However, the available lists of government agencies like the DSWD are not effective because theirs are limited only to 4Ps benefactors. The 18 million-plus 5 million target recipients should not require impossible requirements due to its informal nature. The funds are still sufficient to assist this sector in the next 2 months. Beyond that, loans are options. Senator Marcos stresses that the SMEs must be under subsidy for at least two months to keep them afloat. This would allow job retention for many Filipinos after the pandemic.

Self-Sufficiency for Economic Supplies

The reports on the number of testing kits donations are at hundreds of thousands but in reality, they do not reach the regional centers. Surprisingly, there are testing kits being sold at the airport. They can only come from donations, Marcos suspected. It is surely not good to change the DOH leadership in the middle of the crisis. However, the department’s head, Francisco Duque does not have all the necessary factors in control to fight the crisis. The senate cannot explain his mishaps anymore thus prompting them to ask for his resignation. On the other hand, the senator urges the government to take advantage of the exodus of investors from China. Other countries like Thailand and Vietnam already got their share of the transfers. The Philippines has yet to make its corporate offers attractive. The Citira bill aims to gradually cut corporate income taxes starting in 2021. This would eventually bring down the current 30% to 20% by 2029. The crisis teaches the world not to rely on China alone when it comes to affordable supplies.

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