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Senator Richard Gordon: No More Mercy to Trillanes


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s about time that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV be made aware of the people’s pulse regarding his behavior in the Senate. He is confident that Senator Richard Gordon cannot get at least three Senatorial signatures for his ethics complaint against him. Trillanes dares him by saying that he’s not even afraid of the President.

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[VIDEO]: Gordon to file ethics complaint vs Trillanes

Carpio and Paolo Duterte’s Invitation

Trillanes wanted to invite both President Rodrigo Duterte’s son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, and son-in-law, lawyer Manases-Carpio after they were mentioned to be behind the so-called Davao Group. Carpio is the husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. Gordon just replied; You may do so! But Trillanes continues to make general accusations that he cannot prove.

Not a Cockpit of Gossips

Gordon told Trillanes to refrain from making general statements that he cannot prove. This is because the Senate is not a cockpit of gossips. Instead of calming down, Trillanes responded by criticizing the way Gordon handles the committee hearing. He calls it names and criticizes Senator Tito Sotto as well.

Out of Order and Tune

Senator Gordon firmly said that Senator Trillanes is out of order but he can’t stop his mouth from opening. He even thinks that most Senators are on his side. Worst, he acts like the people’s hero when most Filipinos are wondering while he’s not kicked out yet with his ungentle man approaches.

Ethics Complaint

Too bad for Trillanes, Gordon said he will pursue his ethics complaint against him. “He has done that consistently. I already forgave him the first time. He even came to my office and apologized then he did it to Mr. Zubiri. Then he was trying to do it to Cayetano, he was trying to turn off the microphone,” Gordon said.

5 thoughts on “Senator Richard Gordon: No More Mercy to Trillanes

  1. Dapat na talaga maturuan ng maganda asal yan si Sen. Trillanes, mambabatas ganoon ang ugali, kaya yon ang tinularan ng mga bata ngayon , dyan nga sa Senado mga matataas at edukado kuno pero mga bastos kung sumagot sa mga may idad na.

  2. We were wondering why Trillanes was not sanctioned a long time ago. Makes viewers suffer this farce in the senate hearing.


  4. totoo naman kasi .. komite de abswelto .. ang si gordon .. tito sotto ay abogado de bayaran ni pduts .. obvious ba ang linaw linaw binanggit na si pulong .. tanggol pa more

  5. it’s about time.. i am beginning to think that.. this Gentlemen league are nothing but a bunch of
    push over.. well he isn’t suppose to be allow. behaving like a maniac at the first place. disrespecting colleague and fellow member of senate. People all over the wold are laughing at us because of this maniac and even my friends are asking me .. if people actually vote for this Fucking Dog. Well if you would ask me .. I would say GOOD RIDDANCE. kick his butt out of the Senate there is a lot of men who deserve his position.. more decent and intellectual being than him..

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