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Senator Robin Padilla’s Mesmerizing Speech in 2 Minutes


By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila Bulletin Online
[VIDEO]: Senator-elect Robin Padilla receives his certificate of proclamation

Senator Robin Padilla is the Topnotcher

The number one senator in the recent proclamation of the 12 new law makers is no less than Senator Robin Padilla. His works as a civilian were highlighted particularly for the benefit of the marginalized Muslim brothers. Not to mention his preschool foundation for underprivileged children in Quezon City.

Challenges in Life

Despite Senator Robin Padilla’s popularity. His life is also full of challenges. His landing in the top spot is a proof that one is not defined by his past. He was in jail for illegal possession of fire arms during the dark times of his life. He calls for Federalism reforms.

Another Ferdinand

Robinhood Ferdinand “Robin” Cariño Padilla surprisingly is another Ferdinand. The presumptive president for one, Bongbong Marcos is Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. If there’s one quality that comes with the name, it’s either one can love or hate them. His less than 2 minutes speech ends with: It’s late in the evening and I feel wonderful tonight! Mesmerizing indeed! No wonder he got more than 26 million votes.

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  1. congrats Senador Robin Padilla..keep up the good work my idol…

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