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Serious Accusation from Senator Imee Marcos Why NOT All Filipinos can Get Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos

Full interview of Senator Imee Marcos with Brian Quitoriano

Not All Filipinos can Get Financial Assistance

Many theories float via social media accusing local government officials of corrupting the money meant to be for the poor people during the coronavirus crisis. President Rodrigo Duterte announces full support to the citizens by giving financial assistance. Surprisingly, both the lower and upper houses are divided. However, the Financial officers know that the funds on hand are not just enough for all indigents. Let alone the out of jobs and the middle class. Loans from the international creditors are on their way. But they are not just in the national treasury yet. Senator Imee Marcos wrote bills that uncover the available sources of funds and reveal loan allocations including debt moratoriums. However, there are some officers in the Financial Department that are more into preserving the country’s economic situation rather than to ease the burden of the taxpayers during these trying times.

Loan Sources can Fund All Filipinos for 2 to 3 Months

Senator Marcos stresses, again and again, to better give all assistance there are to all Filipinos. It may not be easy but for government decision-makers to have the heart, the means are feasible. The incident does show the characters of public servants. Are they loyal to their own interests or for the welfare of the people? When the loans become available, plus the debt moratorium for at least a year, all Filipino citizens can get a share regardless of status just like in America or Japan. Each Japanese citizen will get 100,000 Yen for example.

The People Choose their Government

In a democratic world, people indeed choose their government. However, it’s the majority versus the minority in a system like the Philippines. The president can only do so much. Senators and congressmen have to stipulate to impose a law before a major action can be imposed by President Duterte. The question now is, will the pro-Filipino lawmakers win against the economic players? Regardless, Financial assistance is still needed by all and can come in different forms.

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