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Shocking VP Election Recount Update of Gov. Imee Marcos in Bacoor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Praising the achievements of Bacoor, Cavite, Gov. Imee Marcos can’t help but blast off the current situation of the election recount of her brother, Bongbong Marcos’ protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. She said that the ballot boxes now have a fish. This is after the report that the ballot boxes from Iloilo are as wet as in Camarines Sur. It actually means that the case gets very fishy as ever.

Youtube video by;  Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Shocking VP Election Recount Update of Gov. Imee Marcos in Bacoor.

Fake News Scenario on Election Fraud

Atty. Glenn Chong slashes back on Edgar Erice’s fake news comment on Bongbong Marcos’ accusation that he lost the VP seat because of fraud. Erice’s basis is the 2.8 million elections returns in comparison with the SD cards that are already manipulated according to Chong. So, the fake news is not Marcos’ protest but his denial that there were no anomalies found during the recount.

Jingle on Recount Anomalies

Atty. Chong’s post on his Facebook timeline about the recount anomalies at the VP race says it all. This might be done in a humorous way but certainly the Filipino style of dealing with utmost negativity.

The Alliance Tour

The Senatorial bet, Imee Marcos gives a speech in Bacoor, Cavite hailing its mayor, Lani Mercado Revilla for their international achievements. As many people know, her husband, Bong Revilla is a victim of selective justice by the previous administration. He is still in prison right now but time can only tell when he can regain his freedom. President Du30 is for his lawful release.

Appearances with the President

It has become very obvious that the Du30-Marcoses alliance is for real. The anti-Marcos groups who are pro-Du30 now slowly accept the Filipino leader’s idealism in aiding Bongbong Marcos and his sister back to power.  They are certainly the hope for the people because they are bound to realize their patriarch’s will for the Filipinos and the world in general.

A friend made this video. Thanks to him. :-)Sing along and enjoy!!! 🙂

Posted by Glenn Chong on Saturday, 23 June 2018

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