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Shot a dog and put in a Trash Bag?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What kind of person who would shot a helpless dog and leave it for dead inside a trash bag? Might be a very psychologically disturbed nut-case roaming around the streets looking for trouble. Watch this and see if you will care for a dog in that state same as  the animal lover in this video:

Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

Posted at YouTube by: Tiffany Ondracek

Mother nature can be very kind to both people and animals. There’s this strong force around us that won’t just let a hidden crime go into oblivion. Perhaps this can serve as a motivator to other animal lovers to reach out to areas where there’s rampant animal cruelty – because if we don’t care for our dogs, who would?

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