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Should a Symptomatic Person Get Tested for Coronavirus Despite No Cure?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by ANC 24/7
Philippines confirms 2 new COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus is Here in the Country

Many Filipinos ask if one should take a test while experiencing the coronavirus symptoms even if there’s no cure yet? Two more cases of COVID-19 were reported in the Philippines, raising the country’s total to five. Among those infected was a Filipino male who had no travel history abroad. The DOH assigns a hotline for such reports but most people are hesitant.

Clearly a Local Case

A 62-year-old diabetic also tests positive of SARS-CoV-2 despite the absence of travel. He regularly worships st the Muslim prayer room in Greenhills. The place is now disinfected. He experiences coughing with phlegm since Feb 25. This is a clear indication of local contamination. The virus is here. Although the spread is a little slow compared to other countries because it’s not heat resistant. It’s now summertime in the Philippines.

Self Isolation is the Best

In Japan, people with the symptoms of coronavirus cannot get a test from hospitals. This is to protect health practitioners as well. In Thailand, it would also cost them 10,000 Baht. So, not many can afford that. Nonetheless, if one suspects to have the virus, self-isolation is important. That means, away from anybody including close family members. Treat the symptoms accordingly like the common colds, flu, and coughs. Take loads of Vitamin C to boost the immune system. A healthy diet and regular exercise are also a big plus.

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