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Showbiz Personalities who Felt Like Winners with BBM’s Majority Win


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Philippines
[VIDEO]: Reactions of Showbiz Personality Supporters to the BBM-Sara Win

Hatred to BBM Never Translates to Votes

Calling BBM supporters online trolls can give insult in a big way. Just like the case of comedian, Juliana Parizcova Segovia. She’s accused of being a troll who’s just after the money. But as Director, Daryl Yap said. Only the truths can hurt, hatred will never translate to votes, and Lenlen will never be president. He’s indeed right.

Personal Ties are Stronger than Politics

Isabel Daza gleefully tweets her happiness for the good news that her Ninong is now the presumptive 17th president of the Philippines. BBM is just like her second father. Director Paul Soriano whom BBM calls a creative genius successfully showed in his work the true colors of the incoming president. This was through ad materials and political campaigns. Toni Gonzaga can never go wrong that the Marcos family can already go back to their home very soon.

Goodness of Character Excels

Randy Santiago knows that the Uniteam can uplift the country because they are the only ones who are for unity. Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez also proved that BBM helped during disasters. Dawn Zulueta and her husband, Antonio Lagdameo are good friends of the Marcoses. Andrew E’s compositions made the goodness of BBM and Sara excel. Ai-Ai de las Alas is happy about their win. Carla Estrada gets criticisms before but appreciation now. Mariel Padilla is not only grateful for the Uniteam’s victory but for her husband’s number one spot in the Senate.

2 thoughts on “Showbiz Personalities who Felt Like Winners with BBM’s Majority Win

  1. History repeats itself
    Sa nangyayari ngayonsamga rally laban sa panalo ni Bong bong Marcos, makita na sana ng hindi naniniwala about FM being the best president of the Phils. why Martial Law was declared. But there were lessons learned then and the changes worldwide how to handle those bad elements in the society. Social media emerged, a tool for the silent majority who wanted peace. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. I HOPE NOW THAT SOME ON THE OTHER SIDE REALIZED INDEED THERE ARE TRUTHS IN WHAT THEY ACCUSE THAT WE THE PEACE LOVING PEOPLE ARE DISTORTING THE TRUTHS. Let us all keep on praying after we had asked God for a peaceful and clean election , that new leaders will or can fulfill the promises for unity in our country so we will be in the road to progress.

  2. You’re all guided by the Holy Spirit to make it all moves right, congratulations!

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