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Siblings Day Humor: Bongbong Marcos Picks on Sister Imee as the China Trouble Remarks Loom

By: Elena Grace Flores

Gov. Imee Marcos is controversial again. Despite her claim that the Philippines’ suing China sparks the dispute between the two countries, she stresses that it is important that the Philippines asserts its sovereignty while still maintaining good relations with the East Asian giant. Some Filipinos did not quite understand this. Especially those who are more into traditional reasoning than thinking outside of the box for mutual benefits. Her brother, Bongbong Marcos who believes in her can only pick on her wittiness that others cannot endure.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: This #SiblingsDay, I’d like to share a message for my favorite sister.

International Siblings Day Humor

Once again, the namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos can only speak highly of Imee Marcos. However, on his Siblings Day vlog, he tricks her into saying that he dedicates the video to her industrious, clever, and beautiful sister, Irene. He refers to the youngest sister, Irene Araneta who is totally out of politics. Then, as he laughs his head off, mention the name of the eldest sister, Imee who runs for Senator this midterm election as candidate No. 46.

Consistent Views on China

Gov. Marcos’ remarks are actually consistent with Philippine President Rodrigo Du30’s idealism. He, in fact, blames his predecessor, Benigno Aquino III, and the United States. This is for failing to stop China’s reclamation and militarization in the disputed West Philippine Sea. Reacting to reports on China’s missiles to Philippine reefs, Du30 said the US should have acted on intelligence reports when Beijing began its buildup in the area seven years ago. The burden of stopping China, which he said was in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS, was therefore on the US. Not the Philippine Navy. The President also pins the blame on Aquino. The Aquino administration brought the dispute to the United Nations-backed Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2013 which causes the fury of the Chinese government.

China is Not an Invader

The governor said that she trusts China as it never invades the Philippines unlike Japan or the US. This is contrary to the misleading surveys by the yellow media. Mock surveys always conclude that most Filipinos prefer close ties with the Americans than with the Chinese people. Despite the fact that the Filipino-Chinese community’s powerful existence in the country. As per records, most wealthy business tycoons are originally from China. Mix marriages and President Marcos’ naturalization law allow them to become Filipinos.

Anti-China Media Propaganda

The military recently confirms that nearly 400 Chinese vessels swarm near the Philippine’s Pag-asa Island in the first quarter of the year. The administration “fires off a salvo” of diplomatic notes and has repeatedly said that China should leave the area. Du30 never tolerates the Chinese force’s trespassing but the opposition capitalizes on his friendship with China to paint doubts into the public’s mind on his ability to protect the country from foreign invasion.

Diplomatic Ties through Economic Partnerships with China

Diplomatic relations between the Philippines and communist China were first established under the rule of Marcos’ father, former President Ferdinand Marcos. The late President had it on his vision that economic partnerships with China can propel the nation’s progress economic-wise. Nevertheless, the yellow stalwarts are really active in opposing this because the oligarchs that they are supporting would be on the losing end when Philippine-China bilateral ties are strengthened.

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